Selasa, 17 November 2015


I’m Rika from Indonesia and I’m studying Japanese at Pasim Univesity in Bandung. I will start writing on my blog. Its name is japannesianikki because I love Japan and Indonesia and no words can describe how much I love them. I will write in English and Japanese about my daily activites and about Japan also. I’ll try to write in English because I think all people will be able to understand it. But my English is so bad. So, If I make mistakes in my blog postsplease correct me. I’ll sometimes write in Japanese because it is what I’m majoring in. I’m currently in my 5th smester but my Japanese is bad. Please help me with Japanese.
At first,I didn’t like learning Japanese because it has 3 character lists: hiragana,katakana and kanji. It made me so overwhelmed. Hiragana,katakana and kanji are all new to me.
But now I don’t know I chose Japanese as my major. Now I really love Japan and its language. Now I’m learning Japanese and Japanese culture. It’s amazing. Because Indonesia and Japan have different cultures.
Now I feel happy whenever I learn about Japan. And it’s so interesting to me. Next time,I will tell you about my daily activities and about japan as well!

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