Selasa, 17 November 2015

My planing

If I graduation of my university,I’ve plan that is I will study aboard in Japan If I give scholarship. I hope so,because it is my big dreams in my life. I want stay in Jpan for few years,but I think so hard, I am always missing my mom L
But I try for strong without my mom If I stay in other country…
I want try to the new life,may be If I live in japan I can feel  4 seasons,wooow so amazing!
In my country just have 2 seasons.  I want try play on the snow,I wanna try to sky, I think that is so enjoy…
Moreover,I want try lecture and work,cause in japan usually can do it. But in my country is so hard if try to both.  Ussualy in my country if work must be full time,it’s can’t do for student. Right?
Sometimes I think I want lecture through S3,wowwww but I must be try to think Who am I?
I am a woman,I must be thinking more for others something.  Such as : I think I must marriage on 23 years cause I wanna have a children. I can’t egoist. I hope I can makes my dream come true, I’ll be balanced my dream and my fate.
And my other dream is…Someday I want build a foundation for homeless. I feel sad If I see they on the street,They have not home. They just on the street and wish someone will give some money for them.  If I can help them,may be I do not give money for them but I want Give some knowledge. I hope them have many knowledge and can work without  beg on the street. Isn’t it?
If I cand build some foundation I must give a name,but now thoughtless. Anyone can give me idea for foundation’s name?
Moreover,I want make everyone feel happy cause me. I want make everyone can enjoy with me or without me. And the first person is my mom,I want she can feel happy everday and ever. I do not see her sad. Because if her sad I feel the same L  all people I will make you feel happy J
May be I wrote this just for share for all people…
If you can big dreams ,you can share for anyone!
I hope my dreams so come true. Allah bless us J

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