Selasa, 17 November 2015

Super late post

Now,I am in Garut. Garut is my hometown,I’ve 3 moths holiday. So I can doing anything activities!
I feel so glad when I can live again in garut. I can live together with my parents and siblings. When I live in bandung I felt alone. I can’t eat food who my mom cooked. In this opportunity I must be doing anything activities. I learning for cook,cleaning my home and another activities. And I can helpful my mom if she need some helping.
Garut and bandung is the difference city. I thought Garut is quite city and have good atmosphere. But Bandung is busy city,many mobility in bandung. Everyday almost traffic jam on the street. Sometimes I feel got bored if I go to somewhere and I trap in the traffic jam. But Bandung is beautiful city for me and for All people who visted Bandung. I can found the beautiful place and various park. I can go to who place I want go there. When I am in Bandung I always missing Garut  because I want live with my mom. I think this is my fault. I must be stand alone cause I am mature.  Besides I’ve a big dream that is I want study aboard in japan for few years.

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  1. Hi!
    I think I'm gonna post my comment in English when your post is written in English and in Japanese when yours is in Japanese.

    So you are in 3 months holiday. Wow, it's very long and you've got a plenty f time to do what you want to !!!
    What's your plan?

    Yes,I agree with you 100% that traffic jam everywhere in Bandung.
    Many Indonesian people say it's because less streets, too many cars, too many angkots etc.
    But I believe it's because moral of people is NOT good, too many cars are parked in the street and traffic system itself is easy to make traffic jam. hehehe.
    What's your opinion about it?

    1. thank you so very much for your comment ^^

      this post about my semester holiday and was passed. But next year on my semester holiday I've got plan for help my sister :)

      about traffic jam
      I think Indonesian people should be like japanese people,such as cultural walk. Indonesian people everyday use car or motorcycle,I rarely find people who walk!
      If Indonesian people would to walk or diminish for use car or motorcycle. I believe Indonesia streets looks more beautiful :D


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